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What is “Being Manny”?

With Manny Ramirez’s sudden retirement from baseball, the phrase “Manny being Manny” probably ranks among the week’s most-often spoken. That just begs the question, though: what exactly is “being Manny”? Well, quite simply, it’s being one of the best right-handed hitters ever to play the game. I’ve heard some ludicrous questions about his Hall of Fame candidacy being brought up, and I want to address them here. For his career, his 162-game average line was:

.312/.411/.585  39HR  129RBI  94BB  109R  154OPS+ Continue reading

Is Andy Petitte a Hall of Famer?

First, I want to confront the less interesting issue: will he get in? In his favor are his World Series rings, postseason stats in general, and the fact that he was a Yankee. Against him are his mediocre (for the Hall) stats, lack of individual awards, and admitted use of HGH. Overall, I doubt he gets enough votes. A pathetic portion of the voters refuse to vote for anybody involved with PEDs, so he won’t get any of those. And if all that’s left are the 20% that vote for Mark McGwire each year, I doubt he even stays on the ballot after the first year.

Oh, that glare.

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The Duke Snider- Jim Edmonds Comparison

Duke Snider, recently deceased, is a baseball legend. He roamed center field for the famous “Dem Bums” Brooklyn Dodgers during the 1950’s, and found himself with an extremely well-deserved spot in the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, his playing days came before my birth, so it’s difficult to really grasp what type of player he was. Thankfully, we have baseball-reference’s amazing tool, the “similarity score,” which compares players’ careers and finds the most similar people throughout history.

"The Silver Fox." Because apparently being named Duke just wasn't cool enough.

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I Love Jeff Bagwell

Oh, that's gorgeous.

I love Jeff Bagwell. Do you want to know why? It’s because he’s better than you think. No matter who you are, and no matter how good you think he is. I guarantee there’s something that you didn’t fully appreciate about him. Continue reading

Cooperstown: Fall of Fame

The MLB Hall of Fame, becoming more irrelevant each year, has some pretty sketchy decisions in its past, present, and future. There are 234 players in the Hall, not all of whom belong. Then there’s thousands of players NOT in the Hall, some of whom do belong.

The Baseball Writer’s Association of America (BBWA),which votes for the candidates, has been hypocritical at best and malevolently manipulative at worst. The Hall’s motto, “Preserving History, Honoring Excellence, Connecting Generations,” has been all but lost. Continue reading