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10 Best Starting Pitchers

Before listing the top 10 starting pitchers, I want to make an important note about the 162-game averages. This is an especially useful stat for pitchers, because it takes into account that pitchers used to throw way more often than they do now. One season for a pitcher is defined as Games Pitched + Games Started totaling 68. So, 34 starts or 68 relief appearances is one season. This helps when comparing older players to recent players immensely. Also, ERA+ is a stat that compares a pitcher’s ERA to the league average ERA for a pitcher who pitched in the same ballparks that year. For example, a Rockies pitcher with an ERA of 3.00 would have a better ERA+ than a Dodgers pitcher with an ERA of 3.00 because the average ERA in Coors is significantly higher than the average ERA in Chavez Ravine. An ERA+ of 100 is league average, while 105 is 5% better than league average, and 95 is 5% worse than league average. Lastly, the BB and K numbers listed in the 162-game averages are all per 9 innings. Continue reading


15 Best Outfielders All-Time

Rather than rank the outfielder positions separately, I decided to group the 3 positions together and do a top 15 for the entire outfield. This one’s a little lengthy: Continue reading

5 Best Third Basemen All-Time

The next list of all-time greats examines the hot corner and the men who stood by it:

Continue reading

5 Best Second Basemen All-Time

Third in my series of all-time rankings is the list of second basemen. Unexpectedly, we have a heavy historic tilt to this, with three players playing before the live-ball era: Continue reading

5 Best First Basemen All-Time

The second installment in my All-Time Greatest rankings is the list of top 5 first basemen. These men all manned the power position with copious amounts of it, and without further ado: Continue reading