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Opening Day Leaders

Opening Day 2011 had a few noteworthy events, one of which I wrote about here. Another was Jason Heyward’s homerific first day. Heyward became just the second person in history to hit a home run in his first at-bat of each of his first two seasons. He made more of a splash last year when he homered in his first career at-bat as a much-heralded prospect, but this is the one that put him in the record book. He’s now there right behind the man well-known for hitting home runs to start each of his first three seasons: Kazuo Matsui, of course! I heard a little bit about that on various broadcasts. Also, as I switched between broadcasts of 4 different games, I heard each team have a trivia question about who is their franchise leader in Opening Day home runs. One franchise, the Reds, had both of the all-time Opening Day home run leaders on their team: Ken Griffey, Jr. and Frank Robinson are tied at 8. However, that got me thinking, who holds some of the other career records for Opening Day stats?

Kaz Matsui made a bigger splash signing with the Mets than playing with the Mets.

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Best Opening Day Starts

For those of your who missed it, I recapped the worst Opening Day starts in baseball history yesterday, here. Fausto Carmona finally found a list he belongs on! Well, unfortunately, here is a list he doesn’t belong on. This is a collection of the best starts on Opening Day. First off, an important note: “Opening Day” can’t be put on a calendar; it’s each team’s first game, regardless of what day of the year it is.

So, who do you think when you think of Day One dominance on the mound? Hopefully, your answer is Bob Feller. He, famously, is the only guy to throw a no-hitter in team game number one. However, if the stat game score is used (a stat that accounts for innings, hits, runs, home runs, strikeouts, and walks), Feller’s no-hitter ties 5 other starts for 6th place on the list of best Opening Day starts. It’s even tied with another of Feller’s own starts! Continue reading

Worst Opening Day Starts

The 2011 Cleveland Indians will be remembered historically. Shocked? Well, you probably won’t be once I tell you this: they will be remembered for a bad thing. Fausto Carmona, the Opening Day starter, is just the 5th starter to give up at least 10 earned runs in his team’s first game of the season. Talk about setting a tone for the season. Here are the other men on this esteemed list:

Fausto has had better days.

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