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Top Ten Offensive Records

Baseball is associated with its records more than any other sport. What is the record for NFL passing yards in a season? How about the record for 3-pointers in an NBA season? I don’t know. I could Google it, but I bet you don’t have to run a search engine to spit out the home run record or the longest hitting streak.


That being said, not every record gets the attention and respect it deserves. I submit to you my list of the top 10 single-season offensive records (since 1900): Continue reading


5 Best Shortstops All-Time

Wrapping up the infield in my all-time greatest series, the list of shortstops features some super-recognizable personalities along with some no-names. I suggest making use of the baseball-reference.com links accessed by clicking any player’s name. Continue reading

Top 5 Free Agent Acquisitions

LeBron received a chorus of boos upon his return to Cleveland.

This week’s big event in sports was the return of LeBron James to Cleveland. Going to Miami via free agency has made him a pariah- a rare reaction to an act that has become commonplace in sports today. One reason for the boos he came home to is that the fans feel he is the difference between a playoff team and a non-playoff team. This frustration is felt whenever a hometown star leaves for $greener$ pastures. Would Cavs fans be as upset with LeBron if they were the best in the NBA even without him? Would they be upset if the Cavs with Lebron would still fall short of the playoffs? Bringing this idea back to baseball (as I always do), it got me thinking about some of the bigger moves free agency has brought us. Continue reading

5 Best Second Basemen All-Time

Third in my series of all-time rankings is the list of second basemen. Unexpectedly, we have a heavy historic tilt to this, with three players playing before the live-ball era: Continue reading

5 Best First Basemen All-Time

The second installment in my All-Time Greatest rankings is the list of top 5 first basemen. These men all manned the power position with copious amounts of it, and without further ado: Continue reading