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Hitters Shouldn’t Catch

If I’m running a team and I have a catching prospect who can swat the ball a little bit, you bet I’m begging him not to be a backstop. That’s right. Carlos Santana, Buster Posey, Jesus Montero, you name it. Same with the boys of yesteryear like Matt Wieters or even Joe Mauer. Why would I seemingly squander this possible gold mine? Because, in the long-term, catchers who hit simply don’t exist. Either they stop being able to catch or they stop being able to hit.

Enjoy it while it lasts, Joe.

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5 Best Catchers All-Time

Let me first say that we all like lists. Lists are uniform, clear, and debatable. The first aspect makes them organized and rankings are as simple as the number system they use. First place is better than second place, and everybody understands that. The second aspect makes my opinions easy to interpret. I can give you all the statistics in the world, and we could both be using the same ones, and still we could end up with different conclusions. However, a list forces me to prioritize some criteria over others. The last aspect is the best, though, because that makes them fun. Plain old stats aren’t debatable (despite what the steroid-aphobes whine). No one can argue with me when I tell you that Cy Young has more wins than any pitcher in history. However, I’ll be right there in line to argue against the usefulness of that stat in ranking talent. Continue reading