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Another Decade of Pujols

The St. Louis Cardinals are not in an enviable position regarding Albert Pujols. Well, scratch that. They are in the least enviable position possible when talking about Albert Pujols. His current contract will expire after the 2011 season, meaning he will be a free agent if he doesn’t agree to a contract extension this offseason (he said he will not negotiate during the season).

Being the best player in baseball right now, and the 5th best first baseman all-time according to this, he has a lot of leverage. And, like Alex Rodriguez before him, he is not afraid of using that leverage to its fullest extent. In fact, his agent has said he is using Alex Rodriguez’s 10-year, $252 million contract as a starting point for discussions. Albert Pujols is certainly in Alex Rodriguez’s company on a talent level, so that doesn’t initially offend. Continue reading